Ghana Reform Case in African Technology and Telecommunications Policy

Author: Osei-Mensah, Michael
This book examines the state of the telecommunications industry in Ghana and suggests policy options for the purpose of improving that sector.


“. . . will make a major impact on the way we understand the development of telecommunication in the African continent. Ghana is a very useful case since it has been called ‘a model society’. . . . Dr. Osei-Mensah has written with enormous intellectual breadth and sensitivity to the issues of telecommunication, he is skilled as a scholar and a writer. . . the book deals directly and concretely with the difficulties of implementing telecommunication technology in a nation that is developing its economy. . . . The fact that Dr. Osei-Mensah, trained in communication and experienced in the political and administrative world, has taken on this challenge and succeeded in doing such a brilliant job of research and analysis is quite remarkable. I am sure the work will have a long future.” – Dr. Molefi Kete Asante

“. . . this research work is invaluable. . . can be used as a reading material for upper level undergraduate and first year graduate students in communications, telecommunications, African studies, and international mass communications.” – Dr. Edward Wonkeryor

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
List of Maps and Tables
Foreword by James C. Armstrong
1. Other Countries’ Experiences in Telecommunications Reform
2. Ghana: An Overview of the Country
3. Ghana’s Telecommunications Sector
4. Reforms in the Telecommunications Sector
5. Results and Analysis
6. Conclusions and Recommendations
Appendices: List of Abbreviations; List of Organizations; Telecommunications Legislation; Questionnaire; Interview Outline
Bibliography, Index