Gandhians in Contemporary India the Vision and the Visionaries

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Provides insights into Gandhi's vision for India, and how his followers are building on his vision through a variety of constructive work programs. Includes brief biographies.

“It is a work of admirable scholarly investigation and distinction. . . . goes far beyond anything that has heretofore been written about ‘Gandhians’ in the post-Gandhian period of India. . . . provides the reader with a very challenging and uplifting answer to those who claim that Gandhi’s dream is dead in India.” – Wendell Charles Beane


“. . . we see how the idealism, dedication, and discipline that so clearly characterized Gandhi’s vision are actually played out in the everyday lives of those who attempt to be true to the vision. As a result, the material is much more colorful, much more human, much more accessible than an abstract analysis of the Mahatma’s ideas. . . . His overview of Gandhi’s thought as it applies to economic, social, and political freedom and justice is fair, balanced, and comprehensive. . . . the work makes a genuine contribution to the field of Indian studies, but, in addition, his argument should generate debate not only about Gandhi, Gandhians, or India in general, but about the very direction the whole of human civilization seems to be taking.” – Paul Mundschenk

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Part One: The Vision
1. Mathatma Gandhi and Ram Raj
2. Vinoba Bhave and Gram Swaraj
3. Jai Prakash Narayan and Total Revolution
4. Sarvodaya after J. P. and Vinoba
Part Two: The Visionaries
5. Experimenting with Trusteeship - Govind Rao Deshpande
6. Parenting the Landless - Krishnammal
7. Schooling the Revolutions for Peace - Narayan Desai
8. Embracing the Tribals - Harivallabh Parikh
9. Struggling for National Reconstruction - Acharya Rammurti
10. Crusading for People's Power - Chunibhai Vaidya
11. National Integration Through Youth - S. N. Subba Rao
12. Fighting for the Peasants - Jagannathan
13. Spinning for Gram Swaraj - V. Ramachandran
14. Generating Women's Power - Shobana Ranade
15. Protecting the Cow - Achyut Deshpande
16. Challenging the Multinationals - Thakurdas Bang
17. Saving the Environment - Sunderlal Bahuguna
18. Caring for the Harijans - Nirmala Deshpande
19. Organizing the Intellectuals - Bal Vijay

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