Harris, Ishwar

About the author: Dr. Harris received his PhD from Claremont Graduate School. He is currently Professor at the College of Wooster, OH. Previous publications include Radhakrishnan: The Profile of a Universalist (South Asia Books, 1982) and many articles and papers.

Gandhians in Contemporary India the Vision and the Visionaries
1998 0-7734-8352-7
Provides insights into Gandhi's vision for India, and how his followers are building on his vision through a variety of constructive work programs. Includes brief biographies. “It is a work of admirable scholarly investigation and distinction. . . . goes far beyond anything that has heretofore been written about ‘Gandhians’ in the post-Gandhian period of India. . . . provides the reader with a very challenging and uplifting answer to those who claim that Gandhi’s dream is dead in India.” – Wendell Charles Beane

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