Galatian Language A Comprehensive Survey of the Language of the Ancient Celts in Greco-Roman Asia Minor

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The Celtic language of Galatian is a unique example of a language which migrated into the heart of the Greco-Roman world during classical times and there survived for centuries. This study collects and analyses for the first time the entire corpus of the Galatian language, using inscriptions, papyri, and references in the classical authors. The study also explores the linguistic viability of Galatian in ancient Asia Minor and the relation of Galatian to the Celtic languages of western Europe.

Table of Contents

Table of contents: Preface; Foreword; The Galatians in Asia Minor; Celts and Galatians; The Survival of Galatian; Vocabulary; Elements of Galatian Names; Personal Names; Tribal Names; Divine Names; Place Names; Bibliography; Indices

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