Flussbettworte/fluvial Discourse

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Lyrical poetry written in German


"Lisa Kahn’s rich collection. . . has an exceptionally broad range in every respect, save that of versification, which is vers libre throughout. The language varies, depending upon the theme, from colloquial to literary, with occasional high pathos. . . .Facing an embarras de richesses, I will not attempt to characterize the collection as a whole, and instead will point out some idiosyncratic traits which I believe to have noticed in Kahn’s poetry: a fascination with geology and mineralogy, expressed in symbolic imagery; a fondness for the Old Testament and a concern for Jewish themes; and a tendency to mix the mundane with the godly, the idyllic with the grotesque, as suggested in a delightful ‘Loblied auf die Unordnung’. " World Literature Today

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