Finnish-North American Literature in English: A Concise Anthology

This anthology, with a critical introduction, contains selections from twenty Finnish-North American authors and poets writing in English from the early 1950s to the present day. The work includes both Canadian and American writers, offers a balance between male and female authors, and includs the best examples of writing from several genres—poetry, fiction, memoir, and science fiction.


“. . . will quickly become the defining canon of Finnish North American literature. It will be an invaluable tool in teaching and• researching Finnish literature in the North American diaspora. And what is more: it is a fascinating, exotic, moving, and enlightening read.” – Prof. Börje Vähämaki, University of Toronto

“The collection resurrects several fine, nearly forgotten writers from earlier in the twentieth century but also includes writers whose careers have recently flowered. A number of the included authors have won awards for their works, have been studied in universities, and have lectured at conferences and festivals. This is, consequently, the finest collection to date of an important group of writers.” – Prof. Lauri Anderson, Finlandia University

Table of Contents

Emil Petaja (1915)
Aili Jarvenpa (1918)
Mary Lumijarvi Caracker (1929)
Beverly Dahlen (1934)
Anselm Hollo (1934)
Marlene Ekola Gerberick (1935)
Shirley Schoonover (1936)
Judith Minty (1937)
Lauri Anderson (1942)
Joseph Damrell (1944)
G. K. Wuori (1944)
Ernest Hekkanen (1947)
Jim Johnson (1947)
Nancy Mattson (1947)
Sheila Packa (1949)
Kathleen Halme (1955)
Stephen Kuusisto (1955)
Diane Jarvenpa (1959)
Suzanne Matson (1959)
Kirsten Dierking (1962)

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