Feminism and Process Thought the Harvard Divinity School / Claremont Center for Process Studies Symposium Papers

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Essays by Valerie C. Saiving, John B. Cobb, Jr., Marjorie Suchocki, Penelope Washburn, and Jean Lambert.


"This is an important collection. It offers glimpses of what will become one of the most fertile dialogues of this century." - Process Studies / Critical Studies and Reviews

"My colleagues at Iliff join me in hearty commendation to Davaney for her careful editing of this thought-provoking volume and her neat clarification provided in the introduction." - The Iliff Review "Lambert's essay [on abortion] . . . is itself worth the price of the book . . . ." - Signs

"Especially helpful are Saiving's discussions of the ideal of androgyny . . . and Cobb's analysis of the mind-body problem in conversation with the work of Rosemary Ruether and Judith Plaskow." - Religious Studies Review

"[The] topics are analyzed with a splendid balance of experience and theory, concreteness and abstraction, and this dialogue in general terms turns out to be timely and productive. . . . well suited for use in upper level and graduate courses." - Journal

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