Exploring Stereotyped Images in Victorian and Twentieth-Century Literature and Society

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These essays explore the nature and effect of differing categories of stereotype: racial, social, sexual, class media, cultural, etc. Essays examine how best-selling novels gain their effect from the use of stereotyping of the Negro and Jew; the way in which women in Victorian England were expected to be seen; the use of working-class stereotypes; how literature and other cultural productions portray people and situations in terms of the media even to the extent of their being reduced to electronically projected images representative of the accelerating standardization and mechanization of mass society.


". . . contains some excellent essays, the most notable being those by the late Leonie Lichtenstein and by John Morris. . . . the collection does offer excellent insights into the diverse roles of the stereotype, together with an impressive range of examples; and the topics explored open up valuable areas for further investigation and debate." - Elizabeth Maslen in New Comparison

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