European Post-Baroque Neoclassical Theatre Architecture

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This volume begins with the post-Baroque re-emergence of Classicism, the Neoclassicism of the late 18th century, examining trends and influences in the philosophy of art and architecture during the period. It examines selected theoretical writings of Pierre Patté, Paolo Landriani, and Etienne-Louis Boullée to show the development of a Neoclassical style in theatre architecture, as well as the more fanciful directions in the designs of Boullée. It examines their influence in other areas of theatrical arts: artistic vision, theatrical aesthetics, stage lighting, and scenic design. The appendices contain translations and commentary on revelant works: Patté's writing on Stage Lighting (1780); Patté's writing on Acoustics (1786); Landriani's writing on scenery and box sets (1818); Landriani's writing on the differences between French and Italian Theatres (1816); Ferrario's writing on the uses of Auditoriums (1830); and Boullée's writing on the Art of Architecture (1775-93).


". . . ranges widely over the early European theatre with many floor plans of Italian (LaScalla, Milan), French and German playhouses . . . . The Post Baroque and Neo-Classical evidence offers well bsased conclusions. This is certainly one for the bookshelf." - Dan Shaw in Speech and Drama

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