Essays on the Philosophy of Fred Sommers in Logical Terms

Integrates various parts of Sommer's theory on logic and the philosophy of language and extends it in a variety of ways (e.g., semantics, modal logic).


"This book makes an unusual and welcome contribution to the field of logic. . . . Where logical reflection today is in the main formalistic, instrumentalist, and piecemeal, this book is a sustained reflection on the logic of natural language, from a realist and systematic point of view. The author manages to combine his careful exposition of this logic with an overview of its history which is an exciting tale in its own right. . . . In the reading of this book it is impossible not to get the idea that here is a vital programme for logic which is deserving of careful consideration and which is bound to lead to a re-evaluation of the traditional dogmas of mathematical logic." - Graeme Hunter in Scholarly Research and Review