Logic of the Believing Mind

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"This massive theological/philosophical work represents the mature thought of a senior Protestant theologian at the end of a long and distinguished career as professor and author. We find in these pages the truly remarkable erudition of a theologian who is equally comfortable in Systematic Theology and Philosophy of Religion, deeply grounded in classical philosophical and theological texts, yet widely knowledgeable in the great range of contemporary theologies. Aldwinckle leaves no stone unturned. . . . One of the great values of the book will be as a reference volume in which scholars and graduate students can find well-informed exposition and thoughtful critique of many important contemporary thinkers. . . . The book is essential research material for every seminary and university library, and for every scholar with a specialized interest in theological method and epistemology." -- Harold Wells

"This is probably the most substantial work in the field of philosophical theology that has been produced by a Baptist in this century. In comprehensiveness it surpasses the significant contributions which Wheeler Robinson made to the Library of Constructive Theology. . . . This attempt to work out a rational theology is in a class of its own. The bibliography alone indicates the wide range of the canvas and there is scarcely any significant thinker whose work is not brought under critical review . . .a rich resource for the serious student. . . .it is hoped that colleges and libraries will acquire it as an invaluable tool for research." - Paul Rowntree Clifford, The Baptist Quarterly

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