Essays in Helping Diverse Students Attain Educational Success

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This collection of essays examines the interrelationships between family, the school, and educational success for students traditionally at risk, with a focus on practical strategies to help educators develop these essential relationships.


“Addressed to the serious practitioner concerned about diverse students and their families, this fresh treatise edited by Dr. Etim promises to provide outstanding, thoughtful material for teachers, administrators and graduate students in search of new areas to explore and extend.” – Prof. Frankie Denise Powell, University of North Carolina at Pembroke

“This book adds significant knowledge and scholarship to our understanding of how to help all learners succeed in school and how to enable families to be more engaged in the education of their children.” – Prof. Magnus O. Bassey, Queens College, The City University of New York

Table of Contents

Foreword by Frankie Denise Powell, PhD


Section 1: Research and Philosophical Considerations

Chapter 1: What Research Says About Strategies to Engage Families and Diverse Learners for Maximum Student Success
James S. Etim

Chapter 2: Working With Families and Diverse Learners for Student
C. Ferguson

Chapter 3: Educating Diverse Learners Through Culturally Responsive Instruction
Matthew Lynch

Chapter 4: School Collaboration: A Necessary Strategy to Address the Achievement Gap
Edwin D. Bell

Section 2: Research and Theory into Practice

Chapter 5: Parental Perceptions of Student Led Parent Conferences in the Middle School
James S. Etim and Ashley Fennell

Chapter 6: Addressing the Needs of English Language Learners
Kimberly M. Nelson and Edwin Bell

Chapter 7: Impact on Student Learning (ISL)
Manuel Vargas

Section 3: Gender and Assessment

Chapter 8: Feminization of Schools: What is happening to our Boys?
Janet D. Mulvey

Chapter 9: Using ClassScape to Increase Achievement Among Diverse Learners: Success Stories in North Carolina Schools
Trish Martin

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