English Language Learners with Disabilities: A Resource Guide for Educators

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A reference tool for educators on an under-researched topic, particularly with
regards to laws governing bilingual education for the disabled.


“. . .[an] invaluable resource . . .” - Prof. Bonnie Chauncey, Northeastern Illinois University

“This compassionate view of an often neglected student population should be required reading for all school personnel, families, and interested social advocates.” - Prof. Nan J. Giblin, Northeastern Illinois University

“[This work] points out the disproportionate identification of students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds as having special needs and supports these findings with research-based verification. . . . Within the context of identification, the responsibilities of the hierarchy of public education in this identification process are addressed including the existing barriers to fair and effective identification at local, state, regional, and federal levels of public education.” - Prof. Phyllis L. LeDosquet, Northeastern Illinois University

Table of Contents

Foreword by Maureen Gillette, Ph.D.
1. Foundations and History of Special Education for English Language Learners
2. Legal Issues
3. Identifying English Language Learners with Special Needs
4. Testing and Assessing Children who are ELL and Have a Disability
5. The Demographics and Cultures of English Language Learners
6. Educational Leadership in Bilingual and Special Education
7. Second Language Acquisition
8. Collaboration Between the School and the Family
9. Effective Instruction for ELL Students with Disabilities

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