Assessment of Children with Special Needs: A Guide to Practical and Theoretical Frameworks

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This book focuses on the assessment process for students with disabilities. Different categories of exceptionality are included as well as a discussion on Differentiated Instruction and Universal Design for Learning. These techniques are applied to a wide range of students, between birth and twenty-one who have been diagnosed with a disability. This book is based in current research and is appropriate reading for teachers, parents and other professionals in the field.


“This books contains valuable information about working and assessing children with disabilities and provides a practical and hands-on approach to implementing assessments to these children. It is relevant to practitioners who are wanting to understand the assessment process and the teaching end of it.”
From the Abstract

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Foundations of Assessment

Chapter Two: Roles of the Participants in the Process of Assessment

Chapter Three: Using Appropriate Materials for Assessing Students with Special Needs

Chapter Four: Intellectual Assessment and Adaptive Behavior

Chapter Five: Assessing Students with Learning Disabilities

Chapter Six: Assessing Young Children

Chapter Seven: Interpreting Assessments Results

Chapter Eight: Classroom Assessment

Chapter Nine: Measuring Assessment and School Performance

Chapter Ten: Alternative Assessment

Chapter Eleven: Instructional Expectations of Assessing Children

Chapter Twelve: Bias-Free Assessment

Chapter Thirteen: Assessing Performance

Chapter Fourteen: Differentiating Instruction

Chapter Fifteen: Universal Design for Learning and Assessment

Chapter Sixteen: Assessment of Reading and Writing

Chapter Seventeen: Assessing Mathematics

Chapter Eighteen: Assessing the Classroom Environment

Chapter Nineteen: Assessing Transition



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