Encyclopedia of Infanticide

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This book includes 166 articles discussing specific issues related to infanticide.
Each is cross-referenced with related articles. The volume also contains an extensive

Table of Contents

Exploring the Context of Infanticide
List of Contributors
Alphabetical and Thematic Groupings of Authored Entries
Entries and Cross-Listed Terms

Sample Entries by Theme

Cox, Susanna; Foucault, Michel; Garner, Margaret; Goebbels, Magda; Hugo, Victor; Waters, Margaret. . .

Aboriginal, Africa—East, Australia, British colonialism— Punjab, Caribbean, mal de mâchoire, Pacific islands, public executions . . .

Countries and Regions
Africa—East, Africa—West, Arabia, Archaeology—Mesopotamia, Australia, Ba-varia, Belgium, Caribbean, China, China—agrarian economy, China—Fujian Province, UK, United States. . .

Cultural Phenomena
Apartheid, Arabia, baby farming, bride price, burial clubs, cults, cannibalism, dead baby jokes, lullabies. . .

Coroners, criminalization, hydrostatic lung test, mal de mâchoire, medico-legal examiners . . .

Historical Periods
Antiquity, British colonialism—Punjab, Dutch literary fiction post WWII, Europe Middle Ages. . .

Human Evolution
Adaptation, animals, cannibalism, contraception, Darwinism, eugenics, matriarchy, siblicide, twinship. . . .

Indigenous Populations
Aboriginal, Africa—East, North America, Inuit, nomadism, Pacific islands, South America—colonial times to the present, spirit child, twinship . . .

Burial clubs, convents, foundling wheel, infant depositories, safe haven laws, tour d’abandon . . .

Legal Provisions
Abortion, Apartheid, British colonialism—Punjab, burial acts—Victorian England, Canadian infanticide law, Concealment of Birth of Bastards Act

Literature and Mythologies
Amazons, antiquity; Cronus, death lullabies, Dutch literary fiction post WWII . . .

Medical Conditions
Birth defects, denial, eugenics, euthanasia, male supremacist syndrome, preterm birth, puerperal fever, postpartum depression, spirit child, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)...

Abandonment, birth order, bride price, Concealment of Pregnancy Act (Scotland), Modest Proposal, Napoleonic law, news media, paternal recognition, personhood, prostitution, rape . . .

Hebrew Bible/ Old Testament, mythology, infant depositories, Jewish infanticide, Mesoamericans . . .

Environmental Conditions Abandonment, abortion, baby farming, birth order, bride price, burial acts—Victorian England, burial clubs, dowry—India, feral children, Hambleden; Hugo, Victor; illegitimacy, indenture—Indians, industrialization, infant depositories, poor laws, prostitution, rape, Safe haven laws—United States, servants, suicide, tour d’abandon, Villermé, wet nursing, World Health Organization (WHO). . .

War and Other Forms of Systematic Violence
Amazons, gendercide, genocide, holocaust, Holy Innocents, Jewish infanticide; Garner, Margaret; Mesoamericans, slavery—antebellum South . . .

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