Divisions Between Traditionalism and Liberalism in the American Jewish Community: Cleft or Chasm?

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Four essays that deal with the theme of the apparent rise in tension, in the last decade, within the American Jewish community. Includes: Alan Zuckerman's "The Structural Sources of Cohesion and Division in the American Jewish Community"; Mark Washofsky's "The Proposal for a National Beit Din: Is it Good for the Jews?"; Blu Greenberg's "The Feminist Revolution in Orthodox Judaism in America"; and Mark Shechner's "Literature in Search of a Center."


"All of the authors eschew jargon and academic mumbo-jumbo. These essays should be of special interest to the non-specialist, for the educated layperson who is interested in the broader issues revolving around the future of the American Jewish community. This volume will also make a useful addition to college and university libraries." - Joseph Haberer, editor of Shofar

". . .these essays should be of interest to all those interested in today's America. They provide us with methods of understanding the cohesion and division with American society in general by focusing on one small segment of America's population. This is truly an important and useful collection of significant essays on contemporary American life." - Gary G. Porton

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