Discrimination Among Oppressed Populations

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This study will give readers new insight into skin color as a crux of Western discrimination including America and its non-white citizenry. That insight will characterize a seldom-discussed aspect of discrimination by analyzing its perpetration between and among African, Asian, Hispanic, native, feminist, and gay/lesbian Americans. It goes beyond the usual black/white dichotomy to examine the secret taboos of previously oppressed populations, and address the aftermath of colonization in the ways in which dark-skinned American – regardless of race – are perceived.


“Hall’s analysis of discrimination by level of skin pigmentation is a timely attempt to move our understanding of this critical topic to a more sophisticated level. He contends that such discrimination was important in the history of western society and is still very powerfully entrenched in all ethnic groups…. Using current and historical evidence, Hall seeks to move us ‘beyond black and white’. This analysis raises uncomfortable questions for everyone concerned with social justice and parity of esteem, whatever their level of skin pigmentation. Hall suggests that changes in thought perception and response to skin colour are essential if equality of citizenship is ever to be achieved. I believe that this book is valuable tool in understanding the many faces of discrimination and prejudice, and I will certainly be recommending it to my students.” – Dr. James Sandham, University of Oxford

“…offers a penetrating discussion of color prejudice in a variety of ethnic groups. In this book, Hall delves into challenging theories about the nature of racism. I highly recommend this enlightening analysis.” – Alvin F. Poussaint, MD, Harvard Medical School

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Preface; Introduction
1. The Genesis of Skin Color Discrimination
2. Sex in Color
3. Institutionalized “isms”
4. Discrimination: African-Americans
5. Discrimination: Asian-Americans
6. Discrimination: Hispanic-Americans
7. Discrimination: Native-Americans
8. Discrimination: Feminists
9. Discrimination: Gays/Lesbians
10. Dark Skin and the media
11. Psychological Colonization
12. Racism in the new Millennium
Bibliography; Index

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