Discourse analysis of Hebrew prophetic literature. Determining the larger textual units of Hosea and Joel

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The specific focus of this work is upon the analysis of larger (strophic/stanzaic) units for which a detailed methodology is set forth with specific application to the oracles of Hosea and Joel. The analysis also explores the functional dynamics of prophetic discourse as manifested by its structural organization. Special studies of irony (Hosea) and recursion (Joel) are included as a means of more fully exploring the rhetorical features of these divine messages, which are of continuing relevance to God's people today.


". . . E. Wendland steps beyond the comfortable bounds of uncomplicated narrative or psalmodic poetry to analyze enigmatic poetic passages from Hebrew prophetic literature with the aid of cutting-edge insights taken from the field of textlinguistics. . . . In the process Wendland displays an integrated mastery of three different fields -- Biblical Hebrew, discourse analysis, and translation theory -- that results in a useful contribution to all three fields. . . . The present reviewer knows of no comparable treatment of Joel anywhere in print. . . . Though the book will be most beneficial to linguistically trained Bible translators, it provides fresh and useful insights of help to anyone concerned with understanding the message of the Hebrew prophets." -- Robert D. Bergen

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