Direct Awareness of the Self - A Translation of the Aparoksanubhuti by Sankara with Historical Introduction and Commentary

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". . . In this volume, he offers a rich selection of insight into Indian religious and philosophical ideas in general, and Sankara's philosophy in particular. He begins with a description of the historical background and significance of the various schools of religious philosophy in India, as well as a concise and significant treatment of pertinent philosophical terms and doctrines. . . . Fox gives us an accessible translation that offers guidance on how to approach Sankara and Advaita Vedanta tradition and at the same time he captures the spirit and essence of Sankara. . . . The result is a solid contribution to the understanding of this important literature in the development of Indian religious philosophy." -- Kenneth Dollarhide

"The translation of the APAROKSANUBHUTI is a major contribution to contemporary Sankara scholarship. . . . The text becomes, with its commentaries and context, a gateway to the philosophical ideas that permeate Hindu and Buddhist systems in general, and, especially, Sankara's writings and those of his advaita successors. The work's great value lies in giving us a relatively obscure text in a form that will attract a wide variety of readers. . . . Its accessibility and readability are among its great strengths." -- Jane Cauvel

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