Decentralization and the Implementation of Rural Development in Senegal

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Deals with the issue of decentralization in a Third World context. Examines the implementation of rural development policy in Senegal from the perspective of those who provide vital linkage between the center and the rural population; discusses the role played by the rural councilors; elaborates the linkages between government agents and the rural councils; and assesses the effectiveness of the system in implementing rural development.


". . . the authors provide suggestions that build on the promise of the reform. . . . the survey presents an accurate view of the nature of [councillors' and government agents'] attitudes, roles, and problems they perceive. . . . A full methodological discussion is included." - Choice

"Those planning comparable field research will be well served by the methodology chapters and the questionnaires reprinted in the appendices. . . . [a] powerful message reminding us of the overwhelming challenge to democratic development in Africa in the 1990s." - African Studies Review

"Vengroff and Johnston have done a valuable service by collecting the primary data which confirm quantitatively what others have suspected, that the Reform, despite the great effort that it represented, was not implemented in a way that was likely to contribute to the development effort." - Canadian Journal of African Studies

Table of Contents


List of Tables and Maps

Part I: Decentralization and Rural in Senegal

1. The Administrative Background

Part II: Senegal's Rural Councils

2. Data and Methods

3. Background Characteristics of Councillors

4. Councillor Communication Patterns

5. Decision Making in the Council

6. Councillor Attitudes and Role Perceptions

7. Perceived Development Needs of the Rural Communities

Part III: Mid Level Development Agents

8. Data and Methods

9. Background Characteristics of Mid Level Development Agents

10. Role Perceptions of Development Agents

11. Obstacles to Increased Production in the Rural Areas

12. The Delivery of Local Services

13. The Work and Time Commitments of Local Agents

14. Training Needs

Part IV: Summary and Conclusion

15. The Effectiveness of Senegal's Program of Decentralization

Appendix I: Councillor Questionnaire

Appendix II: Mid-Level Development Agents



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