Daniel Pule Kunene: Surviving South African and American Racism Through Education

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"'We were exiles from our country, South Africa, which had rejected us and our talents, including a kaleidoscope of paintings, poetry, stories, novels and music that we would have contributed' (Daniel P. Kunene). Gandhi said his life was his message. Daniel Kunene's life is his message: civil rights activist and committed fighter against apartheid, paragon of love, dignity, knowledge, peace, passion, and the pursuit of justice; wellspring of song, poetry, fiction, and music, epic linguist, acclaimed scholar, and translator of African oral and written literatures." -Dr. Fritz Pointer (from the Foreword)

Table of Contents

Foreword by Dr. Fritz Pointer
Secondary Education
Little Light of Lesotho
Back to Edenville
Getting Married
Exile to America: UCLA
UW Madison
About the SOWETO poem
SOWETO Poem - Prologue
Soweto: The Poem
Holland Performance
The Struggle Continues
Return to the Roots: South Africa Thirty Years Later (Part I)
South Africa Thirty Years Later (Part II)
South Africa Thirty Years Later (Conclusion)
Epilogue "For Selina" (poem)
Edenville: A Fragment from Taking My Children Home: A Pilgrimage to South Africa-a Work in Progress)
Sixteen Days
Afterword-by Raj Shukla
Appendix: With Dr. Maulana Karenga "Kwanzaa" (interview)

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