Critical Essays on the Prose and Poetry of Modern Slavic Women

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Includes a variety of topics, prose and poetry, individual works as well as general studies, examining women's literary creativity and their contribution to East Euopean literature of the 20th century. The study addresses a broad range of issues, such as female space, negative attitudes to women's issues in literature, modern interpretation of classic themes and motifs, lyric persona of Marina Cvetaeva through her poetic dialogue with Pasternak and her reader, the influence of Mirra Loxvickaja on Anna Axmatova, Bella Axmadulina's strong links with Russian classics.


“. . . the approach of the scholars in this work is refreshingly eclectic. The contributors do not ascribe to a single feminist perspective or to a specific methodology, agenda, or world-view. The also eschew ‘feminism with an attitude’, and pursue highly objective and scholarly studies, as they embark on highly personal explorations o ‘feminine space,’ and specifically, the various ways in which the Slavic ‘female voice’ evaluates the past, negotiates the present, and hopes for the future. . . . makes a significant contribution to the study of contemporary feminist fiction in Russia and Eastern Europe.” – Prof. Thomas Gaiton Marullo, University of Notre Dame

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Introduction (Nina Efimov, Christine D. Tomei and Richard Chapple)
Part I. Prose
Happy Never After: The Works of Victorija Tokareva and Glasnost (Richard Chapple)
The Sorrows of Young Vadim in Irina Grekova's Novel Vkovij Paroxod (Tatyana Novikov)
Two Women Writers and a Changing Eastern Europe (Gordana Crnkovic)
Female Space in Contemporary Russian Women's Writing: Tat'jana Tolstaja's "Ogon'i Pyl" (Teresa Polowy)
Crime and Punishment in Ol'ga Kuckina's "Filosof i Devka" (Nina Efimov)
Postmodernist Tendencies in the Works of L'udmila Petrusevskaja (Tatjana Belova)
Part II. Poetry.
Inclined Toward the Other: on Cvetaeva's Lyric Address (Catherine Ciepiela)
Mirra Loxvickaja and Anna Axmatova: Influence in the Evolution of the Modern Female Lyric Voice (Christine D. Tomei)
In Defense of Poetry: Cvetaeva's Poetic Wires to Pasternak (Olga Zaslavsky)
Bella Axmadulina's Literary Odyssey (Christine A. Rydel)

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