Creative and Critical Approaches to the Short Story

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This is a state of the art anthology of critical and creative works on the short story for scholars and readers. The collection is unique in that it combines the critical creative approaches to short fiction and includes works by inflential critics and writers who convey their love of the genre through their writing. Contributors include some of the best critics of the Short Story anywhere, talented fiction writers (one a Pulitzer Prize winner).

Table of Contents

Essays include:
Local Color and the Function of Setting in the English Short Story (Suzanne Ferguson)
"Outside History": Lyrical Knowledge in the Discourse of the Short Story (Hilary Siebert)
Mother's Birthday (a story) (Austin Wright)
Obsession and the Short Story (Charles May)
Secret Closets and Ashes: Melville's "I and My Chimney" (Sandra Manoogian Pearce)
Lifting (a story) (John Gerlach)
The New Yorker School (Thomas M. Keitch)
John Updike and the Montage Story: "Farraginous Narrative" (Robert M. Luscher)
Cultural Exchanges (a story) (Claire Larriere)
The Chronotope of the Short Story: Time, Character, and Brevity (Suzanne Hunter Brown)
Preclosure in an "Open" Story: Julio Cortazar's "Orientation of Cats (Susan Lohafer)
David's Story (a story) (Noel Harold Kaylor, Jr.)
The World of Word, Line, and Labyrinth in Katherine Anne Porter's "Flowering Judas" (Glenda Lindsey-Hicks)
Debunking Some Illusions about Self and Story in the Surfiction of Barry Hannah (Ruth D. Weston)
On Standby (a story) (Alice L. Swenson)
Reframing "The Child in the House": Short Stories and Neighboring Forms (Ian Reid)
Myriad Possibilities in Isak Dinesen's "The Dreamers": An Existential Interpretation (Gargi Roysircar Sodowsky and Roland Sodowsky)
Jambalaya (a story) (Greg Garrett)
From Story to Novel and Back Again: Gish Jin's Developing Art of Short Fiction (R. C. Feddersen)
Harry or Ernest? The Unresolved Ambiguity in "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" (Norman Friedman)
Two Stories (stories) Gary Shaw
The New Aesthetics in Brautigan's Revenge of the Lawn: Stories 1962-1970 (Farhat Iftekharuddin)
Between Two Streams: The Romance Tradition and Naturalism in Two Early Stories by Henry James (Susan Rochette-Crawley)
Untitled (a story) (Shirley Ann Grau)

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