Bestiary of Discontent/bestiario Dos Descontentos

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This bilingual version of Murado's contemporary beast-fable features both English translation and the original Galician, a language of northwestern Spain currently enjoying a renaissance after centuries of political repression. This collection of riddles in the form of prose-poems presents traditional elements and innovations to the genre which combine to create a highly original portrayal of the nature of desire.


"Murado's Bestiary is an appropriate selection for a wide audience because it is exemplary of contemporary Galician literature and its multi-faceted nature. . . . The effect is one of intimacy as well as projection, of the personal and the public, gentle strength and bold silence. . . . The English translation has been carefully worked by Evans-Corrales. . . The text in her skillful rendering has maintained the same tone as the original, somewhere between serious, reverent, ominous, and yearning. The linguistic solutions are faithful to the source but are a literary creation in their own right. The reader has the good fortune to be able to read both, or either, language in this bilingual edition." - World Literature Today

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