Court of Common Pleas

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"Alice Brand's work is exciting, sharp, moving, resonant. . . . all the things one looks for in arresting poetry. Particularly, her third collection promises to be the most risky and poignant ever. The strength of her work lies in its ability to evoke strong, and even strange, feeling in its readers, to make them draw up short and say, 'How is it I never thought that before?'" - James McKinley

"I was deeply moved by many of the poems, and the book as a whole was distinctive in its range and scope of subjects." Laurence Lieberman

"In this wonderful and baffling book, Brand, a woman of immense intelligence, uses her experience as wife and grandmother in a manner often obscure. The obscurity, however, is gradually cleared up as one reads through the book's many turns. . . .There is a good deal of wit scattered throughout. . . . because Brand is so intelligent one has to trust her idiosyncratic choices. The book should be read several times to discover its unexpected riches." - Choice

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