Corpus of Ammonite Inscriptions

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Presents a complete discussion, bibliography, and analysis of all published inscriptions that have been identified as Ammonite. Contains numerous illustrative photographs.


"Makes available for the first time in one place the published Northwest Semitic inscriptions; including photos or illustrations, description, location and linguistic information, also chronological bibliography." - Biblical Archeology Review "This corpus is important because it brings together a mass of information scattered in various publications. . . His translations and commentary reflect the best scholarly work on the material, and his volume is a valuable resource for scholars working on Iron Age historical or linguistic questions. . . . This volume will prove helpful to students of Ammonite history and will provide a good resource for those working on religious, cultural, or historical issues from the Iron II period specifically." - The Catholic Biblical Quarterly

"The amount of secondary literature cited for each entry is extensive, virtually exhaustive. . . . Anyone who goes to this volume to study the individual texts will find a wealth of detail or references available here for use. . . . this volume remains the major resource currently available for discovering the contribution of Ammonite to Northwest Semitic linguistics, history and culture as derived from epigraphic sources. The author is to be thanked for the painstaking care with which these important and interesting materials have been assembled." - Critical Review of Books in Religion 1991 "This research program is furnishing splendid new tools for historical analysis." - Studies in Religion/Sciences Religeuses ". . . we have to welcome this Corpus warmly, as an important step toward the general concentration of the North-West Semitic epigraphical data and a well regulated opening for the further collection of Ammonite inscriptions." - Aula Orientalis

"This corpus of Ammonite inscriptions, prepared with care and devoted to both the texts and to their bibliographical documentation, may serve as a model for editors of similar collections." -- Journal of the American Oriental Society "All further work on Ammonite will begin with Aufrecht's corpus and scholars are grateful for the onerous task he has performed so competently and faithfully. Obviously, this is a book for specialists working in the history and language of Iron Age Palestine." - The Gospel Witness

". . . a most welcome tool for students in many scholarly fields, such as Bible, Ancient Near Eastern history and Semitics." - The Israel Exploration Journal

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