Contemporary Christian Options of the World's End the Eschatology of Lewis Sperry Chafer

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Identifies Lewis Sperry Chafer, evangelist, teacher, author, and founder of one of the world's largest seminaries, as one who has greatly influenced recent controversies and scholarship concerning the Second Coming of Christ. Chafer gathered massive themes, materials and the collective dispensational, premillennial thought of the latter nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century and interpreted evangelical theology in a manner which captivated and inspired others.


"This study of the dispensationalist theologian Chafer is long overdue. Chafer was instrumental in setting the terms of fundamental theology in this country. His views of eschatology have often been the unacknowledged framework of many millennialist cults in America. Recommended for theological libraries." - The Reader's Review

"The preface is engagingly written, the structure of the book is easy to follow and well-arranged, and unlike many books. . . this book makes interesting reading. Most significantly, given the lack of other works on Chafer, his influence on the dispensational movement, and even sympathetic readings of dispensationalism for academic readers, this book constitutes an important contribution that must be heard. . . . The bibliography will provide opportunities for future scholars who wish to pursue Chafer in other directions." - Dr. Craig Keener

"This very capable study aims to fill a gap in modern scholarship by exploring the sources, nature, and influence of Lewis Sperry Chafer's eschatology, specifically his dispensational premillennialism. . . . In Chapter I the author recounts Chafer's remarkable career as an evangelist, pastor, Bible teacher, seminary professor and president, and prolific author - all without any formal theological education. Especially valuable is the vivid picture we get of the Bible conference movement (late 19th and early 20th century) and its combination of intense Bible study and spiritual fervor. . . . The author presents a well-documented picture of Chafer's "gracious and positive spirit" and humor in contrast with the bitterness and defensiveness of many contemporary Fundamentalists." -- David H. Paulsen

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