Contemplation in Liberation - A Method for Spiritual Education in the Schools

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This book proposes a method for educating for spirituality in our contemporary North American culture. The method is grounded on the traditional Ignatian method of contemplation-in-action, reconstructed to foster political spirituality suitable for our global age. The book brings the concerns of social and political action directly into the discussion of spirituality. As a work in philosophy of education it will be of particular interest to professional educators, as well as to students of religion, social work, international development, and social ethics.


“In addition to scope, reach, and intention, this is a well-written book that provides new avenues to explore and important insights into deeper dimensions of teaching. At a time filled with enthusiastic superficialities and unquestioned acceptance of the globalization of commerce and the desecration of the planet, it is refreshing to see an author seeking to go deeper into important problems ... This book can be an important conversation starter and resource for those who see the necessity to go below the surface and take up the challenge of serious educational inquiry.” – Professor John M. Novak, Faculty of Education, Brock University

“The author writes in a lucid, attractive style. The quotations he chooses are always interesting and revealing. His exposition of historical and contemporary systems of thought is logical and economical. This is a very important book. It brings together areas of thought and experience that are often kept apart: contemplation and action, individual growth and public politics, spirituality and education.” – Professor Clive Beck, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto

Table of Contents

1. Contemplation-in-Liberating Praxis in the Context of Contemporary Spirituality and Education: The Landscape of Postmodernism; Education and Spirituality; Contemplation and Action
2. Contemplation as Wonderstruck Beholding
3. The Active Dimension of Liberating Praxis
4. Contemplation-in-Liberating Praxis: A Holistic Approach
5. Some Pedagogical Considerations for Contemplation-in-Liberating Praxis

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