Concordance to the Minor Poetry of Edward Taylor (1642?-1729). American Colonial Poet Volume One

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The purpose of this concordance is to provide a thorough and reliable tool for Taylor scholarship, and to this end it is designed to anticipate the needs of the greatest number of Taylor scholars without compromising the needs of those with special interest in stylistic features of Taylor's work. Among the features are extensive cross-referencing of orthographic variants, treatment of homographs as discrete words, and retention in a verbal index of words typically omitted from concordances. One hundred forty-five poems are concorded here; with few exceptions, the poems do not appear in Gene Russell's A Concordance to the Poems of Edward Taylor.


"The concordance integrates Taylor's Latin vocabulary; his Greek words are appended. A frequency index and a list and verbal index of articles, conjunctions, prepositions, and pronouns omitted from the concordance conclude the set. Craig's concordance should promote advanced scholarship on Taylor's poetical canon." - James K. Bracken in ARBA

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