Complete Poems of American Poet Donald E. Stanford, 1913-1998

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This is the first complete collection of Donald E. Stanford’s poems, including the three chapbooks he published, his privately printed poems, and all the extant manuscript poems he did not publish. The textual notes list all the authorial versions, naming the basic text and giving all the variant readings. Tables of Stanford’s editions and collections and their tables of contents are presented, and the appendices provide Stanford’s own statements about his life and poetry. A preface by David Middleton, a well-known poet and scholar in his own right, placed Stanford’s poetry in historical perspective and highlights the salient virtues of his poetic theory and practice.


“The six Appendices include Yvor Winters’s important “Foreword” to Stanford’s first published collection, New England Earth and Other Poems, as well as a previously unpublished, but immensely instructive statement of Stanford’s about the school of poetry he belonged to and excerpts from two interviews with Stanford, with personal reflections on his life and his work. . . . Professor Crump proves here once again that she is a masterful textual editor. The artistry of her work is apparent throughout this volume – a profound concern for the purity of the text that serves at every turn the transcendence of the poetry itself.” – John R. May

“. . . the inclusion of these new poems in Professor Crump’s edition is perhaps its most important feature. Indeed, the number of Stanford poems available to us has been virtually doubled, and much of this unknown work represents the poet at his strongest. . . . Crump presents Stanford’s poems to us with scrupulous textual care, but her editorial machinery is never obtrusive. To the contrary, it brings us closer to the poems and the poet. . . . I would be remiss if I did not also call attention to David Middleton’s remarkably astute preface, which will serve as both an impetus and model for future commentary on Stanford as poet.” – William Bedford Clark

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