Stanford, Donald E.

Complete Poems of American Poet Donald E. Stanford, 1913-1998
2002 0-7734-7208-8
This is the first complete collection of Donald E. Stanford’s poems, including the three chapbooks he published, his privately printed poems, and all the extant manuscript poems he did not publish. The textual notes list all the authorial versions, naming the basic text and giving all the variant readings. Tables of Stanford’s editions and collections and their tables of contents are presented, and the appendices provide Stanford’s own statements about his life and poetry. A preface by David Middleton, a well-known poet and scholar in his own right, placed Stanford’s poetry in historical perspective and highlights the salient virtues of his poetic theory and practice.

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Critical Study of the Works of Four British Writers
2007 0-7734-5546-9
Assigns a rightful place in the British literary canon to four authors wrongly forgotten or marginalized – Margaret Louisa Woods (1856-1945), Mary Coleridge (1861-1907), Sir Henry Newbolt (1862-1938) and R.C. Trevelyan (1872-1951). Each chapter on one of the four authors is subdivided into sections that present the writer’s life, followed by discussions of the writings, organized by genre (fiction, poetry, verse drama, and critical prose). Interwoven among these sections are connections between the author and other writers of the day, such as Alfred Lord Tennyson, Thomas Hardy, Robert Louis Stevenson, Henry James, and Robert Bridges. Stanford draws not only on published sources, but also on many unpublished sources, including letters (an appendix prints eight previously unpublished letters from Mary Coleridge and Robert Bridges, for example) to create a book about a literary period of dramatic transition as well as about four minor writers who deserve to have their reputations restored alongside those of the major figures with whom they interacted.

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