Comparing Problems in International Education

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This book significantly contributes to the literature in international education by offering unique perspectives on specific issues of the discipline, particularly in the areas of civic education, democratization of the curriculum, and the internationalization of multicultural education. Specific post-modernist issues in international education are analyzed in a style that is free from oblique jargon. The multidisciplinary nature of international education invites contributions to the literature from scholars in different disciplines. Selected topics in international education are discussed under the theme “Problems in International Education.”


“Dr. Hinton’s experiences and insights on education, national development and politics in Sierra Leone provided content for chapters dealing with ‘freedom of speech, expression, and democratic change,’ ‘caring for street children’ and ‘international non-governmental organizations’ in that country. Two chapters were influenced by the author’s teaching experience, and his internationalist orientation. ‘Multiculturalism, Nationalism, and International Education,’ and ‘Definitions and Connections of Comparative and International Education’ deal with significant issues that should be discussed in the classrooms, boardrooms and living rooms of every country in the world ... his smorgasbord of topical ideas and concepts is artfully woven into a text that is easy to read and understand. Professor Hinton’s writing flows elegantly, and he connects easily with the reader in ways that stimulate both thinking and action.” – (from the Foreword) Dr. Margaret Harris, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, Martha’s Vineyard Public Schools

“ ... The strength of this work lies in the author’s ability to present heavily-documented case studies as he travels with the reader to his various engagements as an international scholar. Dr. Hinton paid critical attention to the relationship between multiculturalism, nationalism, and international education ... I find the material contained in this book invaluable for both research and pedagogical purposes in the areas of comparative international education, international relations, and development studies.” – Professor Timothy G. Kiogora, Eastern Kentucky University

“This is a thought-provoking book on a vitally important subject that too often receives little attention from the educational community. Professor Hinton writes with passion and clarity, no doubt as a result of his personal experiences in the several countries discussed and his many years as a university teacher ... One comes away from the book with both a solid understanding of comparative and international education and a zeal to see those problem areas Professor Hinton decries so powerfully corrected ...” – Professor Harold R. Blythe, Jr., Eastern Kentucky University

Table of Contents

Foreword by Margaret Harris
1. Money, Cultural Heritage, and Citizenship Education in Slovakia
2. Citizenship Education in Ukraine: Challenges of Transplantation and Adaptation
3. Freedom of Speech, Expression, and Democratic Change in Post-War Sierra Leone
4. Anecdotes on Caring for Street Children
5. International Non-Governmental Organizations in Africa: Perspectives from a Small Child Charity
6. Multiculturalism, Nationalism, and International Education
7. Comparative and International Education: Definitions and Connections
8. Summary and Conclusions
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Subject Index

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