Common Dramatic Codes in YÜan and Elizabethan Theaters Characterization in Western Chamber and Romeo and Juliet

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This book is a study of two major theatrical traditions: the English of the Elizabethan era and the Chinese of the tsa-chu.


"Tan Ye presents insight and thought-provoking originality in his treatise by placing cultural masterpieces of theatrical literature together for analysis. . . . a masterpiece of literary scholarship and analysis." - The Midwest Book Review

". . . an original and thought-provoking comparative study of two major eras in world theatre. Equally at home in the English of the Elizabethan era and the Chinese of the tsa-chu, he sheds significant light on both traditions by placing next to each other masterpieces that are astonishingly similar and jarringly unique. . . . Dramatic Organization, Dramatic Language and Characterization are the subjects of three detailed, concise chapters which turn over much new ground and unearth some fascinating ideas. . . . Time and again in this original and perceptive book one is struck by insights gained from the juxtaposition of one culture to another." - Leonard Pronko

"Tan Ye brings to this study a remarkable richness of experience. . . . For years his artistic experience and his academic writing have been international and comparative: their fullest fruition is the present volume, the first truly comparative analysis of two of the most influential of the world's great romantic plays. . . . we are in the debt of Dr. Ye for having demonstrated with such clarity why our fascination with these two masterpieces has persisted for so long. For lovers of theater, and of theater's lovers, this study will provide a new and higher level of appreciation. I highly recommend it." - from the preface by Robert E. Hegel

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