Religious History of Central Asia From the Earliest Times to the Present Day

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This book by the late Dr. James Thrower is the first general survey of the religious history of Central Asia, both Muslim and non-Muslim. It covers the history of religion in Central or Inner Asia from pre-history to the aftermath of the fall of communism.


“When Dr. James Thrower died in 1999, he left an impressive body of work including the almost completed typescript of The Religious History of Central Asia. A scholar of Islam and Marxism as well as comparative religion, Dr. Thrower was admirably qualified to write his final book.” – Dr. Malise Ruthven (PhD, Cambridge University and former colleague of Dr. James Thrower at the University of Aberdeen

"James Thrower's ultimate book is undoubtedly a useful contribution to the permanent rediscovery of Central Asian religious past, and provides a seductive overview for readers without a familiarity with Central Asia." -- Prof. Stéphane A. Dudoignon, National Centre for Scientific Research, Paris

Table of Contents

Introduction by Dr. Malise Ruthven
Introduction by Dr. James Thrower
Central Asia Prior to The Arab Conquest
1. The Lands and Its Peoples
2. Culture and Religion
Islam in Central Asia
3. The Arab Conquest of Central Asia
4. Persian Islam: The Golden Age of Central Asia
5. The Beginnings of Turkish Islam
6. The Mongol Conquest and its Aftermath
7. Russian Penetration into Central Asia
8. Reform Among Central Asian Muslims in the Nineteenth Century
9. Soviet Central Asia
10. Islam in the Xinjiang-Uighur Autonomous Region of China
11. Re-Imaging Central Asia: Islam after the Collapse of the USSR
Appendix: Jews in Central Asia
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