Clinical Psychology in Ireland Vol. 1: Empirical Studies of Professional Practice

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Clinical Psychology in Ireland is a series of books edited by Alan Carr, PhD, from the Department of Psychology at University College Dublin. Volumes within the series focus predominantly of empirical research conducted by clinical psychologists within an Irish context along with some papers on theory and practice. The first volume in the series is concerned with empirical studies of professional practice and includes surveys of the work practices, roles and stresses of Irish clinical psychologists. The second volume is a collection of empirical studies of problems and treatment processes in adult populations with psychological difficulties. Empirical studies of problems and treatment process in the field of child and adolescent mental health is the central theme of the third volume in this series. The fourth volume contains accounts of theory, practice and research in the family therapy written by Irish psychologists who have specialized in this particular therapeutic approach. Future volumes in the series will focus on these and other themes including child protection, juvenile offending and the prevention of childhood psychological problems.
This book (Volume 1) is a landmark in the history of clinical psychology in Ireland. For the first time, it provides data on the roles of clinical psychologists, the stresses they face at work, and their involvement in complex systems such as child protection. I have no doubt that it will become a standard reference work. Michael Timms, PhD, Senior Clinical Psychologist, National Rehabilitation Board, Dublin, Ireland.


Dr. Alan Carr's contribution to research-based practice of Clinical
Psychology in Ireland has been immense. His series 'Clinical Psychology in Ireland' gives a unique insight into the issues currently facing both clients and professionals. The high professional status which Clinical Psychology has achieved in Ireland owes a great deal to his work.' Carol Fitzpatrick MD, FRCPI, MRCPsych. Professor of Child Psychiatry, University College Dublin.

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