Classical Christian God

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The classical Christian God (in the heritage of Augustine, Aquinas, Calvin and Edwards) is being assailed today by a range of alternative proposals. This irenic statement and defense of the classical Christian God shows the strengths of this model. It offers a provocative integration of biblical, historical and philosophical theology often neglected by scholars on these traditions.


“… Kennard has made a contribution in his book that needs to be heard…. Uniting both philosophical and biblical consideration, and has demonstrated the competence in both areas necessary to do this…. The chapter on freedom and sovereignty seems to me to be especially strong. Such a combination of knowledge of the philosophical literature and biblical exegesis is not common these days.” – Millard Erickson, Baylor University

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
1. Introduction
2. The Nature of Necessity: A Case for Classical Theism in Opposition to the Openness of God Model
3. Eternity and Everlasting
4. A Few Philosophical and Biblical Theology Problems with Statements of the Trinity
5. Elohim, the Creator
6. YAHWEH, The God of the Exodus
7. Psalm 139: A Hymn and Lament to the Omniscient and Omnipresent God
8. Incomparable YAHWEH
9. God’s Sovereignty and Human Free Will
10. Problems of Evil
11. The Sovereignty of God and Prayer
12. They Kingdom Come

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