Chinese Bureaucratic Culture and Its Influence on the 19th-Century Steamship Operation, 1864-1885 the Bureau for Recruiting Merchants

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Built on a case study of the experience of the Chinese Steamship Bureau, this work questions the current paradigms in approaching the role of the Chinese state in the late imperial period. Furthermore, it provides a reassessment of the nature and spectrum of state power and its resilience in adapting to the new social environment in the crisis-ridden 19th century.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Preface; Introduction
1. The Qing Bureaucracy by the Mid-19th Century
2. Founding of the Bureau for Recruiting Merchants
3. In the “Golden Years” of BRM: 1873-1875
4. The First Round of Scandals Surrounding BRM
5. Intensification of the Competitions in BRM
6. In the Bureaucratic World and Beyond
Conclusion: in the Light of Comparison
Bibliography; Index; Glossary

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