Challenges of Women’s Activism and Human Rights in Africa

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This study contains essays written by activists and scholars from a wide range of fields who have conducted research or been involved on a grassroots level in an effort to advance women’s human rights.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Preface by Paul Magnarella
Introduction (Diana Fox and Naima Hasci)
PART I: Debates and Challenges: Relativism, Universalism and Beyond
1. Anthropology and Women’s Human Rights: Perspectives on Relativism and Universality (Diana J. Fox)
2. Women’s Rights as Human Rights: On Ontological Grounding (Gail Linsenbard)
3. The Poverty of Relativism: Comment on Fox and Linsenbard (David Kenneth Johnson)
4. Somali Refugee Women’s Rights in Kenya: The Gap Between Policy and Practice (Naima Hasci)
5. Cultural Approaches to Human Rights in Africa: Looking for Rights in Principle and Practice (Thomas Dean)
PART II: Human Rights Struggles in Context
6. An Historical Overview of the Women’s Rights Movement in Africa: Does It Have a Meaning for Africa? (Vivian C. Fox and Winston E. Langley)
7. “To Develop Our Listening Capacity to Be Sure That We Hear Everything”: Sorting Out Women’s Rights in Morocco (Sumi Colligan)
8. Strategies for Change: Women and Politics in Eritrea and South Africa (Dan Connell)
9. Women in Eritrea’s Alternative Development (Nuhad Jamal)
10. Women’s Health and Human Rights in Uganda :To Be or Not to Be, That is the Question! (Angela M. Wakhweya)

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