Celtic Names in Western and Eastern European Languages: Evidence for Cultural Diffusion

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This book brings together seemingly unrelated Eastern and Western languages
and finds common Celtic roots and reference points within them.


“[The work] is significant and is worthy of serious consideration.”
-Prof. David E. Roberts
University of Edinburgh

“. . .a gold mine of references and comparisons for further research by others.”
-Prof. Richard Woolley
Birmingham City University

Author’s Abstract:
This book provides information largely in the form of a glossary, selected for comparison of classical ancient, western and eastern names and words with links to Celtic. It aims to stimulate interest in uncovering Celtic roots and connections in modern languages, especially in eastern countries, where Celtic roots related to both history and language are sometimes ignored.

The work is in three parts.
The Background Glossary presents some basic components of common Celtic, Gaulish, P- and Q-Celtic; lateral connections with neighboring old and modern non-Celtic languages, from Europe and the Near East; and vertical links between old and modern descendant Celtic languages from the British Isles, Ireland and Brittany.

Old and Middle Connections provides names and words directly or indirectly referring to the Celts and their ancient and medieval languages. Brief biographical notes for historical figures and writers mentioned in these two sections are provided.

The third part, Modern Connections, gives examples of words, mainly from Eastern Europe, related to Celtic roots by direct connection with common Celtic, Gaulish, P- and Q-Celtic languages and by indirect connection with them via ancient and medieval East European languages or by intermediate Old English, Old French, Old German and modern English, French, German, and Italian.

Table of Contents

1 Background Glossary
Notes to Background Glossary
1. Ancient personalities
2. Particularities of modern Celtic pronounciation

2 Old and Middle Connections
Notes to Old and Middle Connections
1. Additional ancient and medieval personalities
2. Comments on the interfaces between Celtic and eastern languages
3. Celtic roots in ancient and medieval place names
4. Additional eastern ancient and medieval regions once inhabited by Celts

3 Modern Connections
Notes to Modern Connections
1. Present-day eastern countries once inhabited or overrun by Celts
2. Modern eastern names and words coming directly from Celtic
3. Later acquisitions from western languages
4. Index of connections in modern eastern languages

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