COLLECTED ESSAYS OF MAURICE CREASEY, 1912-2004: The Social Thought of a Quaker Thinker

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The collected essays by Maurice Creasey present his understanding of Christ, Christianity and the Church, community and fellowship, and sacrament. These essays present the Quaker view and compare them to a broader Christian tradition.


“. . . if one could construct a theology that would be true to the [Quaker] tradition, and take account of modern developments without being dominated by them, one might provide contemporary Friends concerned with the Christian basis of unprogrammed Quakerism with a firm place to stand. . . .Maurice Creasey accepted this challenge, and in the long run, there may be more wisdom in the work he left behind than in either the rectitude of the traditionalists or the enthusiasm of the progressives.” -- Prof. John Punshon, Earlham College

"[The author] has done a meticulous job of compiling this collection, completing footnotes from the manuscript copies of talks and judiciously editing some unfinished work, [selecting] the best key texts. ... The anthology allows insight into the 'normative Quakerism' of leading academics of the Quaker theology." -- Prof. Pink Dandelion, University of Birmingham

Table of Contents

Foreword by John Punshon


Editor’s Notes

Maurice Creasey at the Center

Part I: Quakers as Radical Christians

1. The Quaker as Radical Christian
2. Radical Christianity and Christian Radicalism
3. The Creative Center of Quakerism
4. A Christian Affirmation

Part II: Christ as the Creative Center

5. The Quaker Interpretation of the Significance of Christ
6. Christ in Early Quakerism
7. The Christ of History
8. Lay Christianity

Part III: Worship and Sacrament

9. Worship in the Christian Tradition
10. Sacraments: A Quaker Approach
11. Quakers and Sacraments
12. A Quaker Understanding of Baptism

Part IV: Community and Fellowship

13. Laborers Together with God
14. Nature of Religious Fellowship
15. Form and Freedom
16. The Ecumenical Role of the Society of Friends

Part V: Quaker Identity

17. “Inward” and “Outward”: A Study in Early Quaker Language
18. A Frame of Reference for Friends
19. Prospect for Quakerism
20. Rethinking Quakerism

Maurice Creasey—A Memorial

Bibliography of Works by Maurice Creasey


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