Biography of Sir Charles Hartley, Civil Engineer (1825-1915) the Father of the Danube, Two Volume Set

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Sir Charles Hartley belonged to the second generation of 19th-century civil engineers, having grown up under the direct influence of the great triumvirate of Brunel, Locke, and Robert Stephenson. This definitive biography covers the whole life experience- professional, social, family- of this eminent British civil engineer.

". . . this biography gives us a picture of the realities of professional life that does much to fill out (and correct) the vision that comes across from the heroic tales of the giants of the profession. . . . the work is bases mainly on Hartley's extensive diaries and other family papers and these sources have allowed the author to range unusually widely. . . . one gains valuable insight into the workings of these pioneering international regulatory commissions..." - Albion


". . . provides an interesting portrait of a worldly Victorian, a representative of both his age and country. . . paints a vivid perspective of the British view of the world. . . . technical work on the projects with which Hartley was either directly or indirectly associated are examined in painstaking detail. . . . anyone studying the technological changes of the last century, and their significance for the development of international trade, will find these chapters indispensable." - The International History Review

"The author writes well and interestingly, and has an imaginative eye for details as well as the main issues. In this he follows the lead given by Hartley himself, and has been helped not just by Institution papers, but Hartley's fascinating diaries, notebooks, letters and other writings, plans and maps. . . . The result is an action packed picture of the world at the time. . . . as a portrait of a successful 19th century civil engineer, the society and world in which he lived, it cannot be bettered." - New Civil Engineer

"To have the work of such an internationally important engineer brought to light after a century of neglect is thus an impressive service to the history of technology. . . . this is a good story, very well told. It draws heavily on Hartley's personal papers, which have been preserved in the family, and adopts a thematic treatment within a basically chronological framework, so that each episode in a complicated career receives a measure of special attention."- Business History

". . . a very substantial and truly distinguished work. . . . Revealing materials and explanations on ports and communications on other countries and regions abound. Not only in the British Isles and Europe, but in the Americas north and south, China, Egy

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