Biographical, Fictional and Historical Narratives in Julian Barnes' Writing: A Literary Criticism of an English Postmodern Novelist

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This work builds on the model which tries to answer the following critical questions:
>What is meant by Barnes's dictum that memory is identity and identity is memory?
>Do the biographical, fictional and historical narratives fit with one another?
>Does Barnes intend to let his narrative art carry its religious/moral sense?
>Does the narrative art help unravel the riddle and lead him and his contemporaries to sensible moral orientations?

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Introduction
Chapter Two: Memory is Identity
Chapter Three: Self and Memory
Chapter Four: The Agnostic's Dilemma
Chapter Five: The Biographical Narrative
Chapter Six: The Fictional Narrative
Chapter Seven: The Historical Narrative
Conclusion: Living a Worthwhile Life

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