Bibliography of Twentieth- and Twenty-First Century Works for Voice, Horn and Piano

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This book provides a current listing of chamber works written during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries for voice, horn and piano. It is intended to serve as a resource for those musicians searching for such works to serve both performance and research-related purposes. Selected annotations provide background information about the works, as well as valuable performance-related information, such as timings, range, and difficulty levels. Also included are appendices for cross-referencing the entries, and information concerning the publishers and distributors of included works is listed in an appendix also.


“ ... For many of the compositions included, Dr. Ulmer has provided perceptive descriptions in addition to practical, biographical, and historical details. I am sincerely delighted that students and colleagues throughout the world will have such good access to her contribution to our knowledge of this body of repertoire.”
– Professor Virginia Thompson, West Virginia University

Table of Contents

Foreword by Virginia Thomson
1. Inclusions and Limitations
2. The Entries
3. Bibliography of Twentieth- and Twenty-First Century Works for Voice, Horn, and Piano with Selected Annotations
4. Listing of Works Not Annotated
5. Listing of Works According to Vocal Classification
6. Listing of Works According to Text Author
7. Listing of Works According to Language of Text
8. Listing of Works According to Level of Difficulty
9. Listing of Publication/Distribution Information

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