Bibliographic Guide to the Works of William Inge

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The first comprehensive volume to provide convenient access to the literature, both primary and secondary, of the works of William Inge. Puts into perspective the materials available for the study of the man and his art and offers an insightful presentation of his life and career. Assesses significant published reference materials and locates research collections open to the student and scholar. Documents all Inge's writings, including all published plays, novels, articles, early newspaper work, and the archival holdings. Presents a combined biographical critical, and bibliographical picture of the life and times of Inge in the world of the dramatic arts.


". . . McClure and Rice have given us by far the most thorough and therefore most useful Inge bibliography to date. . . . Their book has other features that add to its value: a helpful introduction and Inge chronology, two appendices (one describing the Inge Collection at Independence Community College, the other describing the annual festival held there), and an index. The volume belongs in any library where serious research in American popular culture, American literature, and American drama is likely to occur." - Ralph F. Voss in South Atlantic Review

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