Bhagavadgita: Volume IV ( Chapters 10-12)

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This work enables scholars to analyze more deeply the meanings of these foundational verses of ancient Hindu wisdom. The text allows readers not only to utilize the author’s adept translation and interpretation, but affords them the tools necessary to form independent conclusions.


“I am happy to commend this commentary to the thoughtful reader, who is willing to make the effort to work through the wealth of material it provides and thereby arrive at a fuller understanding of one of the great texts of the Hindu tradition.”

– Prof. John Brockington, Emeritus,
Professor of Sanskrit, University of Edinburgh

“Overall, this is a monumental work that will be studied for years to come.”

- Steven Rosen,
Founding Editor, The Journal of Vaishnava

Table of Contents

Abbreviations: Grammar and General

Sanskrit Transliteration Pronounciation Guide


Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

References for Volumes 1,2,3, and 4

General Index for Volume 4

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