Bhagavadgita: Volume I ( Chapters 1-3)

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This work explores the meaning of each verse of the Bhagavadgita; by providing the Sanskrit text, translation, and transliteration in interlinear format with grammatical analysis, a word list containing alternate meanings for each word, variant readings with select analyses, interpretation by the author, and interaction with several ancient and modern commentators and translators. As a result, readers not only obtain the author’s translating and interpretation but have before them the tools necessary to form independent conclusions if they so choose.


“I am happy to commend this commentary to the thoughtful reader, who is willing to make the effort to work through the wealth of material it provides and thereby arrive at a fuller understanding of one of the great texts of the Hindu tradition.” - Dr. John Brockington, Emeritus Professor of Sanskrit, University of Edinburgh

“Western students can read the text of the Bhagavadgita, and learn much about Indian culture and worldview. Lacking the ‘local knowledge’ Sanskrit, Hindu mythology, and Indian folk religion, however, Westerners understand only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what the Gita really has to offer. Dr. Tsoukalas’s work enables us to dip below the surface and see the deeper meanings of these foundational verses of ancient Hindu wisdom. This is a first rate commentary, a must read for any serious student of the Mahabharata and what it means to Indians and Hindus today.” - Dr. Terry C. Muck, Professor of World Religions, Asbury Theological Seminary

“The Gita is here presented in all its richness, not only with attention to detail in relation to the text itself, along with its original Sanskrit, but also regarding what the most prominent commentators - from yesterday and today - have to say ... Overall, this is a monumental work that will be studied for years to come.” - Steven Rosen, Founding Editor, The Journal of Vaishnava Studies

Table of Contents

Abbreviations: Grammar and General
Sanskrit Transliteration Pronunciation Guide
Foreword by John Brockington
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
References for Volume One
General Index for Volume One

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