Berthold Von Schenk (1895-1974) - Pioneer of Lutheran Liturgical Renewal

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Berthold von Schenk defies easy analysis. Scion of an ancient German aristocratic family, he served as an inner-city minister, was a pioneer twentieth-century ecumenist, a dedicated parish pastor, and an internationally renowned author and scholar. Trained in St. Louis by the noted Missouri Synod dogmatist Franz Pieper, he was later summoned by Pope John XXIII to participate in the first of Protestant-Roman Catholic consultations prior to Vatican II. This study begins with a biography and overview of his times, and then concentrates on his philosophy and theology, groundbreaking for its time.


“Fry and Kurz have given a biographical sketch, but have concentrated more fully on the theology and philosophy of von Schenk in the context of his times. In so doing, the authors present a comprehensive overview of not only von Schenk’s, but their own philosophy and theology for the modern age. Using references to modern sources, the authors place von Schenk’s work within the context of his contemporaries both Christian and secular, and focus on his life and teachings as a paradigm of renewal of both thought and action for our millennium.” – The Very Rev. Dr. Aubrey Nelson Bougher, Senior Minister, The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Christ

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Preface by The Rev. Aubrey Nelson Bougher
1. Biography of Berthold von Schenk
2. Theology
3. Community: A Sense of Sacred People
4. Liturgy: A Sense of Sacred Action
5. Sanctuary: A Sense of Sacred Presence
Bibliography; Index

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