Barmen Theological Declaration of 1934 the Archaeology of a Confessional Text

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Examines antecedent declarations, working backwards in time to show the path by which the ten separate proposals, working papers, and revisions that became the Barmen theses moved toward their final formulation in the document of May 1934.


". . . has some of the flavor of detective fiction. . . . a fine companion volume to all who work in the period of Barmen" - The Journal of Religion

"Like a good archaeologist, [Ahlers] is content to have us visit the time and place, to experience the debates, to live with the tension, and to recognize how, by inspiration and compromise, one of the great confessions in the church's history emerged." - Theology Today

". . . provides valuable service to students of the Confessing Church by painstakingly tracing the history of the declaration that so decisively repudiated Hitlerism." - Books and Religion ". . . an excellent picture of the issue . . . reads like detective fiction: not so much as a `whodunit' but as a meticulous exploration of how the investigator came to the solution." - Religious Studies Review

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