Ahlers, Rolf

Professor Rolf Ahlers is a product of the German and the American educational system. He studied at the Matthias Claudius Gymnasium in Hamburg, at Drew and Heidelberg Universities. He received the MDiv Degree at Princeton Theological Seminary and the Dr. Theol. degree from Hamburg University, where he also taught before returning to the United States. He has published several books and many articles in German and English languages. He is very active in several international professional societies, more recently especially in the Internationale Hegel Vereinigung, the Internationale Hegel Gesellschaft, the Internationale Fichte Gesellschaft and the Internationale Reinhold Gesellschaft. Professor Ahlers is Reynolds Professor of Philosophy and Religion at The Sage Colleges in Troy and Albany, New York, USA.

Barmen Theological Declaration of 1934 the Archaeology of a Confessional Text
1986 0-88946-768-4
Examines antecedent declarations, working backwards in time to show the path by which the ten separate proposals, working papers, and revisions that became the Barmen theses moved toward their final formulation in the document of May 1934.

Price: $199.95

System and Context / System Und Kontext
2004 0-7734-6362-3
This book assembles 21 essays by some of the best known scholars in Europe and North American on many of the constellations of thought discusses at the time of the eruption of the early German romantic and early German idealistic intellectual supernova (D. Henrich) from ca 1785 to 1807.

Price: $359.95