Archduke Rudolph, Beethoven's Patron, Pupil, and Friend: His Life and Music

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"This book is an attempt to provide a complete biographical picture of Archduke Rudolph; to survey and assess his total oeuvre, examine significant works in detail, and furnish a thematic catalogue of his compositions; and, finally, to present and scrutinize Beethoven's suggestions and corrections as Rudolph's teacher." -Susan Kagan (Introduction)

Table of Contents

Chapter I. The Composer's Life: An Overview
Chapter II. Archduke Rudolph's Studies in Music Theory
Chapter III. The Forty Variations on a Theme by Beethoven
Chapter IV. Variations and Other Works for Piano
Chapter V. Variations for Clarinet and Other Woodwind Works
Chapter VI. Sonata Compositions
Chapter VII. Other Music for Instrumental Ensembles
Chapter VIII. Compositions for Voice
Chapter IX. Conclusion
1. Archduke Rudolph's Music Catalogues
2. Original Texts for Translated Material and Vocal Music
3. Thematic Catalogue of the Compositions of Archduke Rudolph

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